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Vanguard Power MACH6 Midweight


Skill Level: Intermediate to Pro
Average Weight: 7.7oz – 8.2oz
Height: 16.5″
Width: 7.375″
Grip Length: 5.875″
Grip Circumference: 4.25″
Sweetspot size: 8 (Selkirk comparison scale)
Surface Area: Elongated Paddle
Handle Length: Longest handle (5.875″)

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The Vanguard Power MACH6 combines power and speed with the longest handle and an elongated paddle.  This paddle comes in a standard midweight, but customized grip sizes and weights can be special ordered.

What is new with “Vanguard Power”?

The Vanguard Power family has a different carbon face and the X6™ honeycomb core resulting in unmatched power and speed.

Quadcarbon+ Face™:  Using stiffer and lighter Toray carbon fiber face, the ball vibration becomes dampened when combined with the x6™ honeycomb core.  As a result, less energy is absorbed by your paddle producing maximum power, speed…and awesome feel.

X6™ Honeycomb Streamlined Poly Core:  the Vanguard core is composed of this new state of the art polypropylene honeycomb technology.  Combined with the Quadcarbon+ Face™, this combination absorbs less energy and producing more speed and power.

EdgeSentry™:  a low profile, rugged and lightweight edgeguard producing a well-balanced and solid paddle face.

VANGUARD Geo Grip™:  A comfortable grip with enhanced wicking powers.  Great traction and style

Special Orders – email us

The handle is available in a 4.0″ and 4.5″ circumference and requires special ordering.

The Vanguard Power series comes in a single standard weight, however, customized weights for all Vanguard paddles are available:  7.8 – 9.3 oz and requires special ordering.


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