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2021 Amped Invikta X5 Fiberflex – Extended Reach


Skill:  Everyone (Selkirk says beginner to pro)
Lightweight:  7.3-7.7 oz
Midweight: 7.8-8.4 oz
Length:  16.5″
Width:  7.375″
Grip Length:  5.25″
Grip Circumference:  4.25″ (special order sizes)
Surface Area:  Elongated
Handle Length:  Long (5.25″)

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The 2021 Amped Invikta X5 Fiberflex is elongated (compared to it’s sibs Epic, Omni, S2) for extended reach.  Redesigned with bolder colors and graphics, the 2021 Invikta boasts a generous sweetspot just a tad smaller than the Epic, but neither as large as the s2 (largest sweetspot).


The Amped family is constructed with the same components and differ only by the size and/or shape of the paddle.  The core is composed of  X5™ polypropylene honeycomb polymer, a rigid and durable material that generates extreme power for your drives and bangs.  The FiberFlex™ surface found in all members of the family has been designed for maximum control and spin.  Last but not least, it features the EdgeSentry™ edge guard for durable, low-profile and lightweight protection.

The grip is 4.25″ (standard) but thinner and thicker custom orders are available.

There are midweight and lightweight versions, but custom weights are available.

Email us if you need a special order.


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