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Featured Image Bob and Randy

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“Below the Net,”

We are two tennis converts who are obsessed with three things: our kids, our dogs and pickleball. Bob and I met years ago on the tennis court and we helped introduce and promote pickleball among our tennis player friends.

Our Mission

Our mission is to introduce the great sport of pickleball to our youth and to our communities. Using pickleball as a platform, we want to teach sportsmanship, develop healthy active lifestyles and achieve self-confidence

Our Story

Just before the pandemic, we were hoping to start some area youth programs. Our objective is to introduce pickleball to the non-elite student and get them hooked for life. While COVID has delayed this part of our endeavor, we have been able to get our store online.

We have local pickup available in Bethesda , Maryland.

Our Dogs … and “Pickles”

No other sport is named after a dog.

According to pickleball lore, the name of the Pritchard’s dog was Pickles. Hence, we are furthering the relationship between pickleball and your dog.

Meet Stella, Bacon, Kalle and Devi.

Kalle is a young pit-mix adopted through Tiny Miracles in Pennsylvania. She was born in Oklahoma and fostered by our daughter. Never having rescued before, we are so glad we saved young Kalle. Devi is our newest addition. Having two pups around the house is a bit insane, but they are both special highlights of 2020.

Stella and Bacon are both doodles. Stella is a labradoodle and Bacon is a goldendoodle. Bacon was the second to arrive in the household as a companion for Stella, and as you can see, they are the best of friends.

Our Products

Buying pickleball equipment can be very confusing especially if you are new to the game or buying for someone. We can special order just about anything you want, but dont’ see listed on our website. Simply email or call us.

MIdAtlantic Pickleball highlights those items that we feel will provide the best value to you.

Our Pledge – “Buy a Paddle, Save a Pet”

10% of any purchase will be donated to American Humane.

The Officers

The Pritchard’s had Pickles, here are our own team-members.





Stella and Bacon

Stella & Bacon

Bacon and Stella

Bacon & Stella

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