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What does ATP Mean?

ATP Around the Post | Midatlantic Pickleball | Local Bethesda and Online

ATP, in pickleball, means “Around The Post.” It’s a legal shot where you are able to return a shot to your opponent’s court, but without crossing over the pickleball net.

Around the post, similar to tennis, means that an opponent can hit a ball without it going over the net and legally land in your court.

The “post” is the net post.

Around the Post on YouTube

In the following video, the Pickleball Channel has captured a beautiful “ATP,” and in slow motion. Enjoy.

Special Considerations about an ATP

Going around the net post is completely legal.

Keep in mind:

  • Hitting the net post is an automatic fault, that is, the net post is always out of bounds. Even if the ball grazes the sides of the post and lands in bounds, you have just committed a fault.
  • Why is an ATP legal? The rules of the game simply say you must get the ball into your opponent’s court. There is no rule mandating the ball crosses over the net.
  • Be aware of the players on an adjacent court.

How to Hit an ATP

Watch the following video. There a few tips on successful execution of an ATP;

  1. Anticipate – usually an opportunity for an ATP comes with cross court dinking where your opponent hits a particularly wide shot past the net post.
  2. Stay low and keep your eye on the ball
  3. Allow the ball to drop as low as possible before striking. The lower (or later) you hit the ball, the wider the ball travels increasing your margin of error by opening up the court (you have more of your opponent’s court to hit).
  4. Keep your paddle low
  5. Aim inside the sideline to give yourself a margin of error.


Here’s one last look at an around the post. The player is Dave Weinbach. Actually this is a great rally capped off with an amazing ATP. Enjoy

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