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8 Player Doubles Round Robin

When: Friday Night 6 – 8:30 PM

Where: Court 2

I’ve personally reserved Court 2 (the pickleball court) for us and am trying to gauge the interest for playing pickleball on occasional Friday nights.

There is room for only 8 players. See the suggested schedule below (courtesy of B. Lynn’s research).


  • Games limited to hard stop at 20 minutes.
  • Traditional pickleball scoring
  • Tiebreaker instituted at 15 minute mark
  • Tiebreaker: rally scoring (courtesy of M. Raue) (Rally scoring is a system used in volleyball in which a point is scored on every single rally. It doesn’t matter which team serves the ball; points can be scored by either the serving or the receiving team.)

Please RSVP Now

Click on the button to send email to Randy to confirm that you can play or text me 3015803626.

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