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Greg Forster, PPR, USPTA

  • PPR Certified Pickleball Professional
  • USPTA Elite Certified Tennis Professional
  • Cardio Tennis Certified
  • Salisbury University, #1 Singles & Doubles Player
  • 3 Time All-Conference Singles & Doubles Champion
  • Over 13 years of teaching experience

As a teaching pro for almost 15 years, I became an early adopter of pickleball. Being certified ensures that I’m teaching the proper techniques and strategies and staying up to date with the current trends in this quickly evolving sport.

Pickleball is going to allow me to stay physically active indefinitely and is one reason why I think this sport is growing so fast. I really enjoy teaching and playing competitively and it satisfies that “competitiveness” in me.

Why do you like Pickleball?

It’s a sport with a lower learning curve, which means you can enjoy the sport almost immediately. You can mix various skill levels on the same court much easier than, say, tennis. It’s a great family sport and every one has fun. If you feel the need to compete, there are tournaments for all skill levels – ranging from beginners up to the pros.

Do you prefer doubles or singles?

Just like tennis, I find pickleball singles and pickleball doubles almost two different games. Doubles is a finesse game – although there is definitely a place for power, as well.. Singles is a bit more like tennis. Tactics are similar, but it’s harder to have sustained rallies. Though smaller than a tennis court, covering a pickleball court in singles is physically challenging.

Is pickleball a good workout?

Absolutely. It may not be intuitive, but doubles pickleball outshines tennis doubles in terms of an aerobic workout. Pickleball players are constantly moving. The better you get, the more movement. There’s almost no standing around.

What’s your favorite paddle?

I’m currently using the Selkirk Epic Amped paddle. It provides a great amount of power, while not comprising my touch up at the non volley zone.

How do you Choose a Pickleball ball?

There are so many balls to choose from. There is no perfect ball. It depends upon the surface your playing on. For instance, if you are playing indoors on a basketball court, I agree with Kelsey that the Onix indoor is a great choice. The Franklin X40 and Dura 40 are great choices for asphalt and outdoor play.

How to Schedule a Lesson or workout?

Just contact us through the website.

Keep dinking,

Greg Forster

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