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Rally Tyro 2 Pro Paddle


Perhaps the best value at this price point for the beginner through intermediate player.  Stable, honeycomb core with medium weight.

Colors:  Fire, Ocean
Middleweight:  7.6-8.0 oz
Grip:  4.25″ (medium circumference), 5″ length


The Tyro Rally 2 is built with stability and versatility in mind.  This may be the only paddle we’ve come across with a thick, responsive and sturdy honeycomb polymer core creating a very generous sweet spot.  The middle weight allows you to generate enough power, yet allows quick movements at net.  Stability is key for returning volleys and this paddle allows you to have solid volley returns.

The grip measures 4.25″ in circumference and the 5″ length gives you extra reach (or a little room for an extra hand).  The tacky grip is one of the best we’ve seen on any paddle.  The sweet spot is generous given the 0.5″ honeycomb polymer core.

This is a great value for the beginner and intermediate player – you won’t be outgrowing this any time soon!



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