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Kelsey Waite, PPR, USPTA

Kelsey Waite, PPR, USPTA
  • PPR Certified
  • USPTA Certified
  • Head Tennis Pro
  • USAPA 5.0
  • Millersville University, #1 Doubles & #2 Singles
  • All PSAC East Doubles Team Senior Year
  • PA State Athletic Conference Scholar Athlete
  • USTA 10 & Under Certified
  • Over 8 years teaching experience

As a converted tennis player, I have been playing pickleball competitively for the last several years. I am excited to be part of the pickleball community in the Washington, DC area and to help introduce the game to you and our youth.

Why do I like pickleball?

What’s not to like! It’s fast paced, employs lots of tactics, is great exercise…and, most of all, is fun! The game is affordable, appeals to all age groups and is very, very social.

Does it help to be a tennis player?

Yes and no. Hand eye coordination is obviously a must, but not as necessary compared to tennis. In pickle ball, there are completely different strategies and tactics which make this game so intriguing…it’s much more than tennis on a short court.

What are the differences between pickleball and other racquet sports?

To me, they are exactly the opposite. Other than hitting a ball, I consider pickleball to be a defensive and patient game. The best players hit a series of defensive exchanges to their opponents…first one to make a mistake loses! There really is nothing like serve and volley as in tennis or a kill shot as in racquetball or squash.

What’s your favorite paddle?

I’m in a period of transition. I definitely like stable paddles to give me support when volleying. I also find that the extra stability gives me an advantage when driving the ball. I used to use XYZ, but have transitioned to a Prince paddle.

What’s your favorite ball?

There are dozens from which to choose. I like the Onix indoor if playing on an indoor basketball court. They also work well on clay (this is not a typo). If playing outdoors or indoors on asphalt, definitely the Dura 40 outdoor.

How are Lessons Scheduled?

Lessons can be scheduled by contact us here through the website.

Keep your game “below the net,”


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